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locations + latin flair + tantorfilms = unbeatable

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Tantorfilms has for 15 years been a pioneer in unifying the talent, work force, and diversity of our industry in Latin America.

Our priority is to deliver first-rate content production throughout the region, while promoting everything we believe to be positive about our continent.

We invest a lot of time and energy to keep abreast of developments within the advertising and production industry, with the overriding aim of being able to provide the most effective service possible to our clients, be they producers, agencies or the foremost international brands.

As a member of the World Production Forum and board members of Shoot Chile, we attend all the major advertising festivals to ensure we stay at the forefront of what is going on in the business internationally.

Our goal is to provide efficient, Hollywood-level professionalism while also creating relationships based on equality and respect. This relationship extends to producers, agencies and clients around the world, but most importantly translates to our crews here in Latin America. We believe service means giving the best possible performance one can, not just in efficiency but in quality of work, providing a rich culture and human experience for all involved.

philosophy _

Tantor Films strives to discover and work with the best talent and technicians in the region.

We are one of the only production companies in the region to invest time and money to train people new to the industry. We have seen first hand that investing in those that work with us not only fosters loyalty but most of all it leads to better work. Many of the best line producers, location managers, assistant directors, and art directors of our countries have been trained in our office.

Tantor believes in the future, not just the present. We look forward to the developing trends, to the newest technology, and to the crews of tomorrow.

Tantor Films is uniquely situated in the production market in Latin America, being the only company with offices in six of the region’s biggest markets.

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