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Matías Dumont

Executive producer & Partner – Spain

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Matias Dumont

Born in Buenos Aires, Matías has been playing at business creation since he was 5 years old (and still has the drawings of cars he wanted to sell, complete with prices written in his first handwriting). As he grew up he needed to make his games reality, so with never-ending motivation he studied Business Administration and Marketing at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires. He later did a Masters in Creativity and Design at CICE, Madrid.

In 2004, he began a lifetime adventure that would mark his professional destiny: with just 300 euros in his pocket, he travelled to Europe to make his way in life, choosing Andorra as his first port of call. Amid the snow and mountains, he acclimatized to the new continent, and at the end of that year he started to work in Advertainment at EPGWORLD EUROPE.

His jump to Spain saw him switch to working in communication, primarily television, on programs such as Spanish Big Brother, El Programa de Ana Rosa, and El Juego del Euromillion. He also worked for FOX in Germany and Turkey or Antenna in Greece. He founded Antiestático in 2007, an audiovisual and interactive production company with offices in Madrid and Buenos Aires.

In 2011 he set up Mr Freeman, a digital advertising agency working with clients such as Viacom, Panasonic, Amstel, MTV, Just Eat, Sony Pictures, Ceveza SOL, Kinder, Solan de Cabras, Saxoprint, Paramount Channel, among others. In 2012 he launched Runin, the biggest digital platform for athletes and businesses with a directory of all the races in Spain, and an online shop selling used running products. In 2013 he created Veni Video Vici, a smart-cost producer of audiovisual coverage. In 2016 he set up Picnic Content as Chief Content Officer. In July of this year, Matias joined to Tantor Films as a executive producer and partner to represented the Tantor offices in Spain.

Mati, as he is known, is a big music and sports fan, plays guitar and bass, as well as football, kitesurfing, skiing, wakeboarding, longboard, tennis, and scuba-diving.
He never stops. He has never stopped. He is still just as restless as he was at the age of five when, once he had learnt to make his cars go, he decided that he had to set up a car wash for the same and for the neighbours. And so it goes on to this day